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Every Woman Deserves The Right To Dignity. Period.

Our Positive Period program is actively touring historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), engaging students in vital discussions about menstruation and fostering an environment to destigmatize and empower the students. During the tour, we are distributing menstrual products and screening our film, ‘Me Period,’ which has proven to be a perfect vehicle with which to have more open and honest conversations around this topic.

How Can You Help?


Access to menstrual products is both a dignity and equity issue, yet women and school-aged girls across the United States are unable to access the menstrual products they need. Menstrual product insecurities among poor women and girls can lead to shame, humiliation and health issues.   

Recent surveys of low-income women in the US found that:


had been unable to afford period products during the previous year, and 21 percent experienced this problem on a monthly basis


of women surveyed had times during the past year when they had to choose between food and period products.


High School aged girls miss an average of 2-3 school days per month because of no access to menstrual products

1 in 4 low-income women

report having to use a substitute period product, like toilet paper or a sock, because she couldn’t afford her supplies.

Here’s How You Can Help!

Now more than ever, we must build our villages so women and girls can enjoy optimal health and wellness which requires that we tear down the walls of shame and stigma that keep us from living our best healthy and whole lives. 


  1. Make a donation, your donation will help us provide more menstrual products to communities in need
  2. Help us reduce stigma and spread awareness by following us on social media and sharing our Positive Period! posts 

Your investment in young girls and women, will not just empower them, but could improve their quality of life.